As Europe’s largest manufacturer of stump cutters/stump grinders, we follow the market closely. FSI B21 has been developed in collaboration with our network of FSI Partners and our many professional users, which ensures quality and functionality is top notch.

With FSI B21 we raise the bar and add unique new features not previously seen in this segment.

  • Hill-hold system – Worry no more about your stump grinder rolling away from you on the way up the ramp. A unique braking system ensures safe and easy transport up ramps, over steps/curbs and in terrain. When the hill-hold system is active, the stump cutter can be pulled backwards safely and easily without the risk of the wheels rolling forwards.
  • No daily maintenance – We have developed a closed bearing housing, which is lubricated from factory for more than 1000 hours of normal operation. Therefore, you no longer need to think about daily lubrication of bearings.
  • Simple V-belt tensioning – the special FSI power-cut cutter disc is mounted with a one-sided bearing housing, allowing for very simple tensioning of the V-belt without you having to secure parallelism.

Key Features

  • Powerful 14hp engine with recoil starter
  • Vibration-damped and height-adjustable operator handle
  • The cutter disc is activated using a safety bar
  • Turn-table design (pivoting axle) – ensure effortless work when sweeping the cutter arm from side to side
  • Individual wheel brakes
  • Multiple, easily accessible lashing points for simple and fast securing during transport
  • Lifting eye
  • Original FSI teeth