The FSI B31 is a compact machine with great manoeuvrability, easy-to-use controls, a large working area, and no daily maintenance requirements.

With FSI B31 stump grinding is straightforward and hassle-free.

The operator panel swings out in a 90-degree angle and ensures excellent visibility and control access, while the only 74 cm wide design, allows the stump cutter to pass through narrow gates and passages with ease.

Key Features

  • No daily maintenance and elimination of V-belts lower operating costs and workshop time.
  • Enhanced manoeuvrability and stability with counter-rotating tracks and a low centre of gravity.
  • Complete control of operation from the swing-out operator’s panel.
  • Safety bar, disengaging the cutter wheel upon release to increase safety of the operator.
  • Easily accessible lashing and lifting points for fast and secure transportation.