• Machine width 79 cm / 31 Inches
  • Sweep width 170 cm / 77 Inches
  • Cutting depth 44 cm / 17,5 Inches
  • Kohler 38 hp petrol engine

FSI B38 is also available as:

  • FSI B38 4WD
  • FSI B38 4WD REMOTE (with radio remote control)
  • FSI B38 TRACK (on tracks with radio remote control)

Key Features

  • Hydraulic drive and diff-lock on the front wheels
  • Automatic brakes on the wheels
  • Twin wheels with single centre-bolt for easy mounting
  • Skid-steer tires on the front axle for optimal ground control
  • FSI power clutch. Electric-hydraulic clutch system with integrated brakes
  • FSI power-sweep for top performance
  • Adjustable speed on the swing
  • Double hydraulic cylinder for the swing function
  • V-belt drive for optimal capacity with a minimum of power loss
  • 3 x turnable teeth-system with FSI holders
  • FSI power-cut special designed cutting wheel
  • Integrated points for lashing
  • Lifting points for handling with crane
  • 90 degree turnable control panel for optimal view to the cutting area
  • All controls in one panel
  • Safety bar. If the operator leaves the control panel the cutting wheel will automatically stop
  • LED work light
  • Hanged and splitted chip protection
  • Integrated toolbox
  • Tool set for wearing parts