FSI H20 is a stump grinder attachment for excavators, articulated mini loaders or similar machinery. The recommended size of machinery: 2-2.5 t.

The Hydraulic stump grinder attachments in FSI’s Hxx-series are ideal for work in hard-to-reach areas like slopes, riverbanks or behind fences and stone walls.

The FSI H20 is mounted to the excavator or mini loader using a tool grip/ coupling. It is delivered including an uncoated top plate to weld on a tool grip fitting your machine.

Adjust the cutting direction for better access

The carrier machine is used to execute sweep and the up/down movement. With free choice of cutting direction, and option to adjust the cutting direction at a 45-degree interval in the joint between the unit and the fitting plate for the tool attachment.

Adjusting the cutting direction can be beneficial when cutting along walls or for example if there’s something limiting the space of the cutting moment.

FSI can offer a selection of tool grip attachment if necessary.

Key Features

  • Hydraulic drive for 30-50 l/min
  • Including hydraulic hoses
  • Including uncoated top plate to weld on the tool grip.
  • Requires free flow return to the tank (leak oil)
  • Cutter wheel diameter: 386 mm
  • Free choice of cutting direction
  • Grinding moment performed via the carrying machine