FSI H65 165-200

Hydraulic stump grinder attachment FSI H65 165-200 for mounting on excavators and similar machines. The recommended excavator size ranges between 12-20 Tonnes and can handle up to 118 kw (160 hp)

Use FSI H65 165-200 on slopes, streets, in parks, or in difficult to access areas to remove tree stumps, it cuts up to 8.2 cm per sweep and handles an Ø105 cm (15/ 15 cm ) stump in just 15 min. 

Sweep a control and tool attachment

Attached to an excavator or a similar equipment type, all operations of the H65 165-200, such as the sideways sweep and up/down moments is controlled from the machine with free choice of cutting direction.

The cutting direction can easily be set at 45-degree intervals in the joint between the unit and the fitting plate for the tool attachment.

 The hydraulically driven stump grinder is delivered with an uncoated top plate, on which an optional tool attachment can be fitted to connect to your machine.

FSI can provide a selection of fixtures suitable for your tool carrier, if necessary.

Key Features

  • Hydraulically driven stump grinder
  • Oil flow: 165-200 l/min
  • Chip guard
  • Uncoated top plate to weld on the tool grip
  • Attached using a tool grip/coupling
  • Grinding movement performed via the excavator.
  • Require free-flow return to the tank (leak oil)