FSI T65 is for mounting on tractors and similar machines with power take-off (PTO) ranging from 70-120 HP The FSI T65 is an efficient tool for removing large stumps along roads or hedges, where access allow for larger tractors.

The frame for 3-point linkage (Cat. 2) is equipped with adjustable support legs, which ensure stability during stump cutting.

During work, the movements of the stump cutter are controlled directly from the joystick, located on the movable control box. The sweep speed of the stump grinder can be adjusted with a throttle valve, also located on the control box. You therefore have all necessary functions available right at hand for convenient operation.

Moving the joystick sideways controls the powerful hydraulic cylinders that move the cutter to the sides. Moving the joystick forwards or backwards raises or lowers the cutter arm. The one set of buttons on the joystick raises/lowers the cutterhead, thereby extending the working area and sweep width. The second set of buttons on the joystick is used to angle the heavy-duty chip guard to adjust for terrain and environment, minimising the spread of debris.

Key Features

  • Extra bracket for control box – allowing you to place it on or near the tractor.
  • Hydraulically adjustable heavy-duty chip guard and hydraulic extension of the cutter head
  • PTO axle, joystick, and hydraulic top link as standard
  • Available for tractors and tool carriers with 540 RPM power-take-off (PTO)
  • T-Gear and V-belt drive for optimal power transmission
  • Hydraulic extension of the cutter head
  • Hydraulically adjustable heavy-duty chip guard
  • Adjustable support legs
  • Tool set